SONATAP No. 14 Moonlight

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SONATAP No. 14 is the first 6-in-1 Beauty Tool designed to automate a multi-step or Korean skincare routine. Inspired by the name of Beethoven's masterpiece, this instrumental device is created to turn your sophisticated skincare routine into an effortless and relaxing experience.

 TSA Approved    BPA free
Environmental Friendly


6 Refillable Airless Bottles 

Advanced airless packaging engineered to keep your product ingredients fresh longer compared to traditional pump bottles. The airless dispenser also works with a variety of product types at different viscosity levels (from watery to creamy). Made of PP material, the most chemical-resistant type of plastic to be safely used with all skincare formula. Specially designed with wide-mouth, screw-neck and dual openings for easy refilling and cleaning. Each bottle holds up to 12 ml or 0.4 oz. of liquid

Applicator Head

Made of Medical-Grade Silicone that is ultra-hygienic, safe and gentle on facial skin. Built-in Smart Product Selecting Mechanism to enable  finger-free, hassle-free and germ-free application. Removable for easy cleaning

6 Modular Cases

Protect the device content from harmful UV radiation, abrasion, and scratches. Snap-fitted like Lego pieces to form the device body with endless possibilities for future customization

Compact Cap

Protect the Applicator Head from dust and contamination after usage. Compact design allows for storage of alcohol wipes to sanitize the device On-The-Go

Spoon Accessory

Proprietary design in durable stainless steel to aid with the decanting and refilling process of the airless bottles


Height: 5.66 inches (144 mm)

Width: 2.44 inches (62 mm)

Manufacturer Info

ISO 9001 and ISO 1001:2004 certifications. All of products and components are manufactured in compliance to global environmental policies and regulations



While SONATAP is a perfect solution for On-the-Go skincare, the device was originally conceived by its inventor as an at-home solution to make skincare more convenient and sustainable for a busy modern life. There are numerous benefits when it comes to using SONATAP as an at-home device

1. Unlock freedom to boost productivity or relaxation

SONATAP allows you to be multi-tasking without germ or cross-contamination issues, unlike anything before. Say Goodbye to getting stuck in one spot or the bathroom the entire time to rush through your routine. With SONATAP's portability and finger-free application, you can complete skincare anywhere around the house while doing anything you want without worries about your fingers getting contaminated and ruining your skincare. Imagine having a cup of tea or checking your phone while completing your routine

2. Add wait-time to maximize product effectiveness

If wait-time no longer means waiting, you can easily incorporate the recommended 15-20 mins pause between steps for actives such as AHA, BHA, or Vitamin C LAA to maximize their performance. These active skincare ingredients work at a specific pH level and shouldn't be layered with other products until their pH have been neutralized by your skin. In addition, adding 2-3 mins between steps for your normal products will also enhance absorption and eliminate pilling problems that can happen when layering on products too quickly

3. Minimize product waste with silicone applicator

With hands application, skincare products are partially absorbed in your hand skin as you dispense and apply your skincare with fingers. In contrast, SONATAP's non-porous medical grade silicone applicator will allow 100% of products to be absorbed in your facial skin. That's why you will notice a much lesser amount of product is needed to complete your routine when you use SONATAP

4. Promote daily consistency to improve skincare results

Consistency is the key to skincare results, but achieving a daily consistency is easier said than done with our day-to-day stress and chaos. SONATAP is created to improve our modern day living and help you complete your skincare routine every morning and every night with ease to achieve the ultimate goals of skincare, no matter how busy life can get

5. Keep your skincare products fresh

Upgrade your skincare product packaging with SONATAP airless bottles. Airless pump is the most advanced skincare packaging method compared to other traditional packaging methods (tube, dropper, bottle, jar or normal pump). Decant a small amount of your existing products into SONATAP and store the rest in a dry, cool & dark place to keep them at their optimal freshness

6. Promote large-size skincare products for a sustainable future

With SONATAP, product freshness and portability will no longer be the concerns. As such, we highly encourage and promote the use of large-size skincare products over small-size versions. Not only will it save your money based on the cost ($) per ounce of product, it will also help minimize packaging wastes and recyclable issues (the most difficult component to recycle from a skincare bottle is often its cap or pump due to multiple materials presented).  

7. Declutter your counter space

An unconventional approach to minimalism, SONATAP offers a solution to keep your modern home organized without having to downsize your skincare routine. The device was designed not only as a smart & functional tool but also as a beautiful object that will transform your counter space. Keep SONATAP on your bathroom, nightstand or beauty counter and enjoy skincare in its best form.