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SONATAP 6-in-1 Skincare Device

SONATAP 6-in-1 Skincare Device

IntroducingĀ SONATAP, the 1st patented skincare systems designed to automate your K-beauty routine. Apply skincare effortlessly at home and on the go, made easy as putting lipstick on

  • Holds 6 products inside a compact design
  • Features no-touch application, smart dispensing and airless technology
  • Refillable and Reusable. Easy to clean
  • Leak-Proof. TSA-Approved for carry-on
  • Available in 2 gorgeous colors
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6 Refillable Airless BottlesĀ 

Made of PP material, the most chemical-resistant plastic toĀ be safely used withĀ allĀ skincare formula. Engineered to keep products fresh longer compared to traditional jar and pump bottles. Capable of dispensing multiple products with different viscosity levels effectively without backflow issues. Designed with wide-mouth, screw-neck and dual openings for easy refilling and cleaning. Each bottle holds up to 12 ml or 0.4 oz. of liquid

No-Touch Application

Ultra-Hygienic Silicone Applicator, safe and gentle on facial skin.Ā RemovableĀ for easy cleaning

Smart Selecting and Dispensing Mechanism

EnableĀ finger-free, hassle-free and germ-free application

Sleek Modular Cases

Protect the device content from abrasion and scratches. Snap-fitted like Lego pieces to form the device bodyĀ with endless possibilities forĀ customization

Multi-Purpose Compact Cap

Protect the Applicator from dust and contamination after usage. Compact design allows for storage of cotton pads, alcohol wipes or anything that fits

Proprietary Spoon Accessory

Uniquely designed and made in durable stainless steel to aid with the decanting and refilling process

BPA-Free, Leak-Proof, TSA-Approved

Portable and allowable for carry-on bags


Total capacity: 2.4 oz. (72 ml)

Height: 5.66 inches (144 mm)

Width: 2.44 inches (62 mm)

Manufacturer Info

ISO 9001 and ISO 1001:2004 certifications. All of products and components are manufactured in compliance to global environmental policies and regulations


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Return Policy

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Say Goodbye to Skipcare

If you love a rigorous skincare routine but struggle to travel with it or maintain at home with the day-to-day stress and chaos, don't skip - SONATAP is here for you





what sonatap can

More benefits at home


    Designed with actives users in mind, SONATAP makes wait-time productive and eliminates the need to re-wash hands countless times. As such, you can incorporate the recommended 15-20 mins wait for pH-dependent actives such as AHA, BHA, or Vitamin C LAA to maximize their performance. In addition, allowing 2-3 mins between steps for other products also help enhance absorption


    With hands application, skincare products are partially absorbed in your palm and fingers as you dispense and apply. In contrast, SONATAP's non-porous silicone applicator and smart dispensing method will allow 100% of products going to your facial skin during the process. That's why you will notice a much lesser amount of product is needed to complete your routine and your full-sizes will last longer


    An unconventional approach to minimalism, SONATAP can keep you organized without having to downsize and works anywhere so you won't need a dedicated beauty space to practice skincare at home. The device was designed not only as a functional tool but also as a beautiful object that will transform your house bathroom, nightstand or vanity while keeping your routine accessible at all time

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I fill SONATAP with?

Almost any leave-on products you can think of (toner, essence, serum, lotion, cream and gel), but not face wash or cleanser due to hygiene concerns. For practical reasons, you may consider the following before keeping sunscreen or facial oil in the device. Some sunscreen products with similar texture to makeup's are best to be applied by hand or with a porous sponge/cushion for the desired finish (our silicone applicator is non-porous, which makes it antimicrobial and perfect for skincare but not the best for makeup application). Test application by using just the device's applicator head to try applying before filling. For facial oil, oil residue tends to be harder to remove and will require more frequent device cleaning.

How do I clean SONATAP device?

After using, remove and wipe off the applicator head inside out with 70% rubbing alcohol to keep the device sanitized and free of product residue. We recommend cleaning once a day if you use the device at both morning and night.

How do I clean the tubes/bottles that hold the products?

Refilling the tube with the same product will not require cleaning, but if you need to switch to a different product we have a how-to reuse guide here for detailed cleaning instructions. In general, we recommend keeping only your staples inside the device to avoid the need for frequent cleaning. For new products that you are still testing out, you can dispense them directly onto our Applicator to apply using the device and not need to wash your hands for just that step.

How do I apply toner or essence with SONATAP?

For watery products such as toner or essence, bring the device close to your face first before pressing dispense and applying (for thicker products, you can dispense products first before bringing the device to your face to apply). The device's pressure valve recognizes the low viscosity and will create a spritz, so avoid spraying in the eyes when pressing dispense.

How long does each fill last?

This depends on individual usage. But if you use the device daily for both morning and night-time routines, each fill typically lasts between 2-3 weeks before you need to refill the bottles again.

Can I bring SONATAP on a plane?

Absolutely, the entire device has a total capacity of 72 ml (each of the 6 tube's capacity is 12 ml), making SONATAP well below the TSA's restriction of 100 ml for a single bottle. In practice, our team has been flying across the world with SONATAP for an extended period and never experienced an issue. As a precaution, you should still take SONATAP out of any covered case and put on the bin with your other liquids to avoid getting your bag opened for further check at security.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Emely C

Loved it

Marilyn S
Love the convenience of Sonatap

I love the Sonatap. I love having all of my beauty products in one place. It's easy to keep up with your skincare routine when you're away from home. And I even use it when I'm home. It's pretty enough to keep out in your bathroom. I love that I don't have to worry about if I brought something bc it holds six tubes for skincare. The only thing I don't like is the sound of the tubes jiggling when you're using it on your face. I would also love a smaller option, but this works well. It's nice not having to remember if you've brought what you need when traveling. I'll be using this for all future trips!

Love it

Everything about this is amazing!!! Love the beautiful design, compact size, and how it dispenses all my products effortlessly.

Really good!

This is perfect for thicker serums and thinner moisturizers. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen is too thick and wonā€™t come out. I also tried a dermologica serum and that was able to be pumped but itā€™s too thin and ended up leaking. Overall a great device for traveling but it does have a few limitations.

Lindsay M
Easy to use

Easy to use, easy to clean, overall its a better alternative to how I was doing my skincare by hands so i appreciate it a lot.