Who We Are

We are a small US business, woman-owned, technology-focus and imaginative creator of skincare solutions

Our Journey

The idea of SONATAP started from its inventor’s imagination of being able to automate her existing skincare routine with an all-in-1 device. As a skincare addict who is obsessed with skincare researches since her graduate student days, she learnt a decade ago that good skincare can be achieved without spending a lot of money. However, time and effort were always necessary. This became a problem later in life - as she advanced in her corporate career, she struggled to maintain the same skincare routine with busier schedule and increased travels.

After years of searching and hoping for someone to make a product that addresses this problem to no avail, she set out to create a solution of her own in 2019. A two-year long process of extensive research and development was needed to turn the idea into reality. Driven by fascination for cutting-edge technologies, she taught herself 3D Modeling and utilized at-home 3D Printing to create the first functional prototypes of SONATAP. With these proven-working prototypes, she successfully pursued and teamed up with one of the world’s leading cosmetic packaging manufacturers to bring SONATAP into production and finally into consumers’ hands today.

"Through every stages of life..."

SONATAP was born out of my imagination that one can complete their skincare routine even while making breakfast in the morning or resting on bed at night. It came from a desire to maintain good skincare through every stages of life

Nga dinh, founder

Behind our name

Our brand name, SONATAP, was formed with the combination of the words "sonata" and "tap". The word "sonata" means a complex composition for an instrument, and "tap" means a device that controls liquid flow (alternatively, it can also be interpreted as the motion and sound created when applying skincare). These two words sum up the meaning of SONATAP perfectly as a device that controls a complex set of skincare products to enable effortless application