We are a small US business, woman-owned, technology-focus and imaginative creator of skincare solutions

Our Story

Founded in Oregon, USA at the beginning of 2019 by a female inventor who utilized the power of at-home 3D printing to turn idea into reality and to create solutions for problems that can only be experienced as a consumer.

Our mission is to simplify skincare process with automation and technology-driven solutions for a sustainable future.

Our Journey

The idea of SONATAP started many years back from its inventor’s imagination of being able to automate her multi-step skincare routine with an all-in-1 device. As a skincare addict and K-beauty avid fan, she sees the benefits of having such well-rounded skincare routine but also finds that it can be an inconvenient and unsustainable process for both the users and planet. After years of hoping to see innovation that can solve these problems but to no avail, she set out to bring the solution to the market and founded the SONATAP company in 2019.

An extensive Research and Development process was soon followed for the design of SONATAP device. Driven by boundless fascination for applying cutting-edge technologies, our founder utilized 3D Modeling and Printing to create the 1st functional prototype of SONATAP from her home outside of Portland, Oregon. Through relentless pursuits (and a bit of luck), she found a way to partner with one of the World’s Leading Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturers to bring SONATAP into production and directly into consumers’ hand in 2021. 


Behind Our Name

Our brand name, SONATAP, was formed with the combination of the word "sonata" and "tap". The word "sonata" means a complex composition for an instrument, and "tap" means a device that controls liquid flow (alternatively, it can also mean the motion and sound created when applying skincare). 

These two words sum up the meaning of SONATAP perfectly as an instrumental device that composes of multiple skincare products, allowing you to apply your skincare effortlessly




Skincare Device-SONATAP

Skincare Device