User Guide

How to get started:

Step 1: Remove the closing cap. Rotate the applicator head to “Open” position (triangle icons lined up as pictured) to remove it from the device body. Pull the bottles up from the device body.

Step 2: Before first use, wipe off the bottles, pumps and applicator head with alcohol pads*** and let air dry - the included stainless steel spoon can be used to help reach the bottom of the bottles. Alternatively, rinse the bottle with alcohol solution (do not rinse with water).

***our device is manufactured in clean and vacuum-free factory, but shipping & handling process may introduce particles in the product. This step is recommended for any empty cosmetic containers/toiletries you purchase on the market. 

Step 3: Fill the bottles with your favorite skincare products. Leave a small gap at the top when filling to avoid overflowing upon closing. Once filled, insert the bottles back and close the device by putting the applicator head back at “Open” position and rotate away

Step 4: Rotate the applicator head to select the desired product bottle. At “Selected” position (triangle icons lined up as pictured), gently press the bottle up from the bottom to dispense product onto the applicator head and apply

***For watery skincare products such as toners, bring the device close to face as you dispense and quickly apply

***To clean the applicator head after using, wipe off with alcohol solution or remove and wash with soap and cold water

For more help, watch our quick video below to see the demonstration

How to refill:

1. Use the cleaned spoon to push the piston down to the bottom of the bottle for refill.

2. Troubleshooting: dispensing problem may incur if there is not enough liquid to fill up the entire bottle (the liquid is not reaching the pump)

To correct this: open the bottom plate of the bottle using the tip of the spoon. Slightly open the bottle top for pressure release, and gradually move the piston up from the bottom until the liquid level is reaching the pump. Close the bottle top and snap the bottom plate back.


For more help, watch our quick video below to see the refill demonstration

How to recycle:

SONATAP Bottles (after rinsed), Modular Cases and Applicator Head (after silicone top removed) can be recycled at home. The Pump and Closing Cap will need to have stainless steel parts removed to be recycled at home. 

You can also recycle all SONATAP components and other emptied beauty products at a Nordstrom location under the Nordstrom BEAUTYCYCLE program. The program is created in partnership with TerraCycle and accepts emptied beauty and skincare packaging from all brands. 

Learn more & find a participating Nordstrom near you