How to Get Started

It takes just a few mins to set up and start using SONATAP for the first time


    Uncap (the compact cap can be used to store alcohol wipes or cotton pads while travel). Rotate the Applicator head to “Open” position, triangle icons lined up as pictured and lift up to remove it. Pull the Bottle up to remove it from the device


    Before first use, wipe the Applicator head and Bottles/Pumps with 70% alcohol pads. The included Stainless Steel Spoon can be used to help reach the bottom of the Bottle. Alternatively, rinse the Bottle with 70% alcohol (DO NOT rinse with tap water after). Let all parts air dry on a clean towel before filling. The bottle should be filled all the way up as pictured


    Rotate the Applicator head to choose a desired product. At “Selected” position, triangle icons lined up or the hole on the surface can be seen as aligned to the Bottle underneath it. Press & pump the selected Bottle up from the bottom to dispense the product onto the Applicator head and apply

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Applying Tips

For watery skincare products such as toners, bring the device close to face before dispensing and quickly apply. Avoid spraying in eyes. Airless bottles will dispense most effectively when being pressed in an upright position as pictured

Care Tips

To clean the Applicator head after using, wipe off its surface and underneath with 70% alcohol. Regular cleaning is recommended to remove product residues, preventing device clogging or buildup issues

Using Tips

Keep only your staple skincare products inside SONATAP to avoid the need for frequent cleaning due to product/formula changes. If you are testing out new products but don't want to wash your hands just for that step, dispense the product from its packaging directly onto SONATAP's Applicator head and apply

How to Refill

Refilling SONATAP with the same product will not require cleaning. Follow these simple steps to keep using your device for a long time


    Use the Stainless Steel Spoon (disinfected first) to push the piston down to the bottom of the Airless Bottle and refill to full level


    Push the piston down to a desired position (middle of the bottle for example) and refill

How to Reuse

Switching to a different skincare product? Follow our tips to clean and reuse the Bottle effectively

*Note that certain thick cream products may be difficult to clean out, and a replacement pump is recommended instead


    Empty each Airless Bottle and its Pump as much as possible. Disassemble the Airless Bottles into 3 parts: bottom plate, piston and tube/body


    Wash all parts with soap and water to remove product residues. Avoid using any abrasive scrub or sponge that may scratch the parts and impact their functionality. Avoid pumping the Pumps during this step to prevent soap water from getting inside


    Submerge all parts in 70% alcohol bath for 30 mins. During this step, you can pump the Pumps under the alcohol bath to disinfect and get rid of product residues from its inner components. Pump out all the alcohol liquid at the end. Let air dry and refill

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Replacement Parts

We offer refill/replacement parts if you prefer to skip a few steps. For every refills purchase on our website, we will automatically include a free return lable for you to send back the used bottles for recycling

We recommend refreshing and replacing the Airless Bottles every 9 or 12 months without products switching, as many full-size skincare products may expire after this period