• sonatap innovative design skincare device beauty tool for Korean skincare routine
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The World's first skincare device designed to automate K-beauty routine

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An unconventional minimalist approach

Containing 6 airless and refillable bottles within its portable body, SONATAP has your entire Korean and multi-step skincare routine fitted in the palm of your hand. Save your counter space with our minimalist solution without the need to down size your routine.

Smart dispensing mechanism and ultra-hygienic silicone applicator enable complete finger-free and germ-free application. These game-changing features will revolutionize the way modern skincare should be applied, efficiently and care-free

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Reimagine the future of skincare

Skincare does not need to take a lot of time or keep you away from other daily activities, even if there are multiple products in your routine

SONATAP is designed to unlock your freedom to continue normal activities (using phones, computer, tv remote, etc.) during a skincare routine without worrying about cross-contamination from touching other surfaces - Something that was not possible before

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International Patent-Pending

From the Pacific Northwest