Copy of Sustainabilitys

Sustainability is at the core of our mission, and we’re constantly working on ways to reduce our carbon footprint as a small business as well as promote sustainable skincare practices among consumers. Here are a few examples of how SONATAP addresses sustainability: 

1. Traveling with a multi-step skincare routine can be challenging and often requiring purchasing travel-sized, single-use plastic skincare products. SONATAP is created to replace this practice with a refillable and reusable culture. Using SONATAP, a consumer can fill the device with their existing products to bring along their trips and eliminate the need for purchasing separate single-use plastic skincare products.

As an at-home device, SONATAP's airless cartridges help keep skincare products fresh longer compared to traditional skincare packaging methods and therefore allows consumers to purchase large-size skincare products instead of small-size versions without worrying about product freshness. All of these practices will contribute to helping reduce landfill wastes from skincare toiletries. 

2. We are aware that our design is not yet a perfect solution due to the presence of plastic and continue looking into alternative material options for future product development. However as of today, plastic still has the lowest carbon footprint among other materials. In addition, not all plastics are equal when it comes to environmental impact.

Our airless cartridge is made of environmental-friendly PP plastic that takes fewer resources to manufacture/transport, generates fewer waste in production and doesn't generate toxic gases when burned. Our design is purposefully created to be 100% refillable, reusable, easy to clean and recyclable. The use of mixed materials (plastic and other materials) are carefully considered and minimized in each component to increase recyclability at home. 

3. At SONATAP, we take every opportunities to reduce waste and improve reusability. We keep our product box packaging to bare minimum and focus our investment on the product itself. Our product box is designed in black and white pattern that is meant to look timeless no matter what type of paper it is printed on. This allowed us to skip the fancy paper/color printing/gold stamping and all the extra that serve as a temporary visual appeal but typically end up in the trash. Your package will be mailed in a basic recyclable corrugated box or paper mailer. 

For our press kit, we personalized the paper boxes with the recipient's name and intentionally skipped printing any logo on the box so that the recipient can reuse the box for personal purposes afterwards.