About Us

Making Skincare Convenient for the 1st Time with Our Technology-driven and Patent-pending Solutions

Our Story

The idea of SONATAP skincare device started in 2017 from its inventor’s imagination of being able to automate and complete her skincare routine even while laying on bed at night or preparing breakfast in the morning. As a skincare addict who uses multiple products in her routine, she dreamed of holding an applicator tool that also contains all of her favorite skincare formula in its body for convenient dispensing and application. After years of hoping to see true innovations in the skincare devices market but to no avail, our founder set out to turn her invention into reality.

To create the functional design of SONATAP device, a year-long R&D process was taking place to identify and develop suitable skincare packaging solutions for the device's inner containers which are airless and refillable. Driven by boundless fascination for applying cutting-edge technologies, our founder studied and utilized 3D Printing along the way to make the 1st SONATAP working prototype right from her apartment outside of Portland.

After relentless efforts and a bit of luck, she found a way to partner with one of the World’s Leading Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturers to bring SONATAP into production and soon into consumers’ hands.

Behind Our Name

Our brand name, SONATAP, was formed with the combination of the word "Sonata" and "Tap". The word "Sonata" means a complex composition for a musical instrument, and "Tap" means a device that controls liquid flow (alternatively, it can also mean the motion and sound created when applying skincare). 

And SONATAP means exactly just that - it is an instrumental device that contains a composition of skincare products and allows you to apply your skincare routine effortlessly, no matter how complex the routine is. 

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